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50 Yard Line – Scrimmage

August 15, 2018

By Havenfootball.net Staff

Welcome to the 2018 first edition of our ever popular 50 Yard Line weekly column. Every week, usually the Tuesday following the last game, we write a little something about the last game as well as giving a brief synopsis of the upcoming game and a little about the Panther’s next opponent.

The 2018 Panther Football Season began with the first day of practice on August 6th. The first scrimmage is this Saturday at West Chester East at 10:00 AM.

A quick note about scrimmages for those parents that would like to come but have never attended a scrimmage before. A scrimmage is not a contest or a game. It is an opportunity for coaches of both teams to run plays in a very controlled environment. Officials are usually present (they need a little practice too) but there are usually no first downs or keeping score. However, past scrimmages have included some series using first down markers so that coaches and players can call plays based on real game situations.

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Laminated pocket schedules for 2018 Panthers

August 15, 2018

By Havenfootball.net Staff

Webmaster’s note: We posted our schedule back on March 29th and a decision was made after that time that Strath Haven would come into line with the other Central League teams and start their home games at 7 PM.  Unfortunately we were unaware of this change until today (8/15/18) and the pocket schedules were made up a few weeks ago.  We have changed our schedules on our web page.  Please make a mental note that ALL Strath Haven football games have a 7 PM kick-off

The great people at PNC Bank in Media and Swarthmore have, once again, come through with their sponsorship of these great laminated pocket schedules.  We will have them with us at the at this Saturday’s scrimmage.  We also have placed some at the high school office and District office.  Any schedules left will be placed at the ticket booths and Panther Pit during the first home games on August 24th & 31st.

There is no charge for them but we only have a limited amount so please only take what you need.

Clancy connection helps Eagles coach Jeff Stoutland find home in Delco

August 12, 2018

By Bob Grotz

More than a place to live, Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland needed a residence his daughter could call home.

It would be her fourth move in high school, which is three more than a lot of teenagers.

The search took Stoutland to Haddonfield, N.J., which was appealing.

It ended in Wallingford thanks in no small part to Kevin Clancy, the Strath Haven football coach. Stoutland knew Clancy from his college recruiting trips to see the Panthers.

Stoutland told his daughter, “wherever you want to live, whatever school you want to go to, that’s where we’ll live.

“I thought we were going to end up in Haddonfield,” Stoutland said. “And then I called (Clancy). I said, ‘my daughter is going to come in there tomorrow at 9 o’clock, Coach Clancy. And I’d really appreciate it if you’d kind of greet her at the door.’ He had like 30 students there. I get home that night and she says, ‘dad, we’re living in Media. I love that high school.’

“That’s where we live. We’re very happy where we are.”

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Strath Haven Panthers Teams Stores now open

August 09, 2018

by Football Parents Association

We have a great selection of team logo product just waiting for you to take a look and place your order.  We have two sites for your shopping pleasure.

The Strath Haven Panthers Team Store offers our traditional Panther logo in three formats in a large selection of embroidered shirts, caps, coats and more and can be ordered for immediate delivery.  No time restrictions and no minimums.  Shipping costs is only $4.95 no matter how many items you order. Right now save $10 on orders of $40 or more until August 20th.

The Efootwear.com site offer a large selection of caps, sweats, shorts and other product in new logos and imprints but this selection is ONLY available until August 21 with delivery on September 25th so click on over and make your selections.  We expect a new site with new dates will be available after the close date.  Free freight on orders of $58 or more.

Check out both sites for your best selection. 

Additional product will also be available at our booth on home game nights at George L. King Field. All profits help support the Football Parents Association which in turn supports the Strath Haven Football Program.


And so it begins……………

August 06, 2018

Strath Haven Panther Logo

By Havenfootball.net Staff

With the start of football practice this morning the 2018 high school football season officially begins.  The team’s first and only scrimmage is in two weeks on Saturday, August 18th and then the season schedule begins the following week with the Panther’s home opener against Interboro.

We here at Havenfootball.net will be crazy busy for the next few weeks getting rosters together, player photos, cheerleader photos, band names and positions and a ton of things that need to be done in preparation for the season. 

How can you help? These pages cost several thousand dollars to produce (including our LIVE game Internet broadcasts).  Our sponsors cover 90% of the costs of that production and we NEVER charge a fee for the web site or the broadcasts.  So, first thing you can do is take a look at our sponsors on the right side of this page and if you can use their products or services please click on their ads.  Make sure you tell them you saw them on Havenfootball.net.  The second thing you can do is take a look inside your wallet.  See if you have a $10 bill.  Put it to the side and consider donating it to Havenfootball.net.  We receive well over 100,000 hit each season.  Between family, friends and fans with have thousands of people who read our pages and listen to our broadcast.  We would be extremely grateful if 100 of you would contribute that $10 bill.  There is a donate button on the right hand side of this page.  It’s simple and quick and will be a great way to help.

Take a look at our new Intro below.  We always like producing it and it gets us all psyched-up for the new season. We hope watching and listening will get you psyched up too!  

Lower Merion Preview

August 01, 2018


We play the Bulldogs on August 31st. Here is a quick preview from our friends at EasternPAfootball.com:

Head Coach: Evan Breisblatt

Assistant Coaches:

Dave Lloyd
Sean Capkin
Khalil Smith
Joe Augustine
Joe Powel
Kevin Herod

Team Name: Lower Merion Aces

2017 Record: 2-9

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Interboro Preview

July 29, 2018


Game opener is against Interboro on August 24th. Here is a quick preview from our friends at EasternPAfootball.com:

Head Coach: Steve Lennox

Assistant Coaches: Mark Burrell, Lou D’Alonzo, Mike Desposito, Gary Mayer, Zac McMenamin, George Zagame

Team Name:  Interboro Bucs

2017 Record: 5-7

(click on this link for the full story)

Marple Newtown Preview

July 29, 2018


We play the Tigers on October 19th. Here is a quick preview from our friends at EasternPAfootball.com:

After coming off the most successful 3 year run in MNHS history (28 total wins and 5 playoff wins) a share of the Central League title in 2016 for the first time since 1977 in school history, we are rebuilding!We lost in the district semifinals to Unionville. This is the 3rd straight season we have made it to the first round of the state tournament.

Last year: 8-5

Head Coach: Chris Gicking

Assistant Coaches: Harry Gicking, Zach Young, Mike Willard, Josh Crooks, Scott Williams, Mike Paci, Bob Knapp, Trevor Viviani, Anthony Paoletti, Joe Sweeley, Nick Reynolds, Steve Reynolds, Matt Destefano, Pete Rodden, Chris Boggs, Dave Lerro, Tony Lerro, Jim Allsman, Marc Saracino, Joe Rufo, and Dave Bertoline.

This will be our 5th year, 33-16 overall.

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A note on archived articles

September 03, 2015

By Havenfootball.net Staff

Just a quick note to our readers about the articles that appear on our web page.  Our home page, the one you are viewing now, can only accommodate a fixed amount of “posts”.  As the season gets more involved the articles will appear, move down the page, and then vanish from the home page.  All posts, however, are stored in our archives.  At the bottom right hand side of this home page is our Archives listing.  It is listed by month.  Simply click on the month you believe the article originally appeared and a list of the articles posted will appear along with the first few lines.  Click on the headline and you’ll get the article, photos and appropriate links.  Enjoy!

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