The 50 Yardline – Harriton

Posted on August 31, 2017 in

Last week we saw a good first half as two pounding teams moved the ball up and down the field only to be stymied before getting into the end zone. The only points scored (a spectacular punt return for 90 yards) came from specialty teams.

The second half started out well with Haven looking for the short 7-10-yard passes and having some success. An attempt to throw into the end zone with double-coverage proved to be fatal as the pass was intercepted and the Bucs marched the length of the field for the score. Haven did manage to score twice but the Bucs were just too tough for the Panthers to overcome a 13 point deficit.

Haven travels up to Harriton High School to take on the Rams who has a terrible season last year going 0-10. The Rams haven’t seen a decent season since 2012 when they went 5-5. That being said the Rams soundly beat Valley Forge Military Academy last week 35-7. Harriton is featuring first year quarterback, #1 Jack Rosenfeld (junior), to lead the team. Rosenfeld played outside linebacker and won All-Central League Honorable Mention last year. No doubt he’s a talented athlete and it should be exciting to watch him improve as a QB.

Harrition’s claim to fame this year is their defense. They don’t have size but are quick and last week’s game shows they can hold back an offense and score lots of points if given the opportunity.

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