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Posted on August 29, 2017 in Havenfootball.net.

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We just wanted to remind all our web site and broadcast fans that it takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to bring you these pages and game broadcasts each year.  While our efforts are a labor of love the reality is that money is what makes it happen.  We pride ourselves on the fact that no tax dollars are accepted or used for our web site or broadcast operations.  Our sponsors (located on the right side of this page) pay for 90% of the cost of operations.  Year in and year out we receive their financial support.  Please make a note of them and their services and please patronize them whenever possible and ALWAYS mention that you saw them on Havenfootball.net. 

The other 10% comes from our fans. There is a “Support Havenfootball.net” link on the right side of this page.  Please take a moment to think about what this service is worth to you, your family and your son or daughter who may be on the team, or one of our cheerleaders or band members.  With almost 500 students participating in the entire football program every Friday night we only need a few of you to step up and make a modest contribution of $10 or $20.  That small contribution can make a huge difference to our ability to maintain the product that we love to share. 

Please take a moment today to contribute.

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