Brice is right for Chichester football’s change in direction

Posted on January 29, 2019 in Homepage, Newspaper.

By Matt Smith Bob Brice has taught social studies at Chichester High School for four years. He knows the students and understands that it’s been a long time since the varsity football team has fielded a winner. He’s looking forward to tackling the task. Pending school board approval Feb. 19, Brice will become the new… Read More

2018 Banquet Awards

Posted on January 15, 2019 in, Homepage.

By Staff The 2018 Annual Football Banquet was held this past Sunday and here are the players and their respective awards:   Jake Fisher MVP & Rex Storch Leadership Zack Hussein Offensive MVP John Prochniak Defensive MVP Ryan Krouse Lineman MVP Ethan Belville Cowboy Up Luke Healy Jim Saunders Sportsmanship Emmitt Young Special Teams… Read More

A note on archived articles

Posted on September 3, 2015 in, Homepage.

By Staff Just a quick note to our readers about the articles that appear on our web page.  Our home page, the one you are viewing now, can only accommodate a fixed amount of “posts”.  As the season gets more involved the articles will appear, move down the page, and then vanish from the… Read More