Panthers’ numbers problem has Clancy crossing fingers

Posted on August 22, 2017 in Newspaper.

Strath Haven quarterback Jake Fisher (4) and wide receiver Tommy Foster (11) line up during a practice drill.

By Terry Toohey

Take a quick scan of Strath Haven’s roster and one thing becomes abundantly clear: With only 38 available players, the Panthers are a little short on numbers.

That’s nothing new, though, for head coach Kevin Clancy or his team. The Panthers have struggled with a numbers crunch for a few years so the players have learned the importance of being versatile and adaptable.

A perfect example is Ryan Morris. He played guard and linebacker as a junior. The plan was to keep him at linebacker on defense, but move him to tight end on offense. And Morris was fine with it.

“In our offense it’s more of a blocking tight end anyway,” Morris said. “We don’t throw the ball too much, so it’s blocking on the outside instead of in the trenches. So it’s not too much of a change. You use your hands more in the second level with the linebackers and I don’t pull as much, but that’s really about it.”

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