PIAA’s problem worsening

Posted on March 22, 2018 in Newspaper.

By Chris Masse

So the PIAA is mad at me. In the ultimate irony, it also accuses me of doing PIAA athletes and schools a disservice.

Seriously. It actually said that. An association that every year does public school athletes and schools a disservice by having hypocritical and inconsistent rules said I provide the disservice.

I received an email from PIAA Executive Director Dr. Robert Lombardi Wednesday afternoon following publication of Monday’s Sun-Gazette column in which I pushed for the PIAA to change its unfair practices.

“We understand your opinion, but to offer a misinterpretation of PIAA by-laws that has an impact upon our schools, their students and their communities is damaging to our association and the general public and we are requesting a correction.

“The issue at hand is your interpretation of the 75 percent rules as a by-law that impacts transfer students and that is factually incorrect. You indicate that academics are the only reason that is permitted for a transfer to be approved under our rules. This statement is also incorrect. There are many reasons that are acceptable for a student to transfer other than academics and many are listed in our by-laws.

“The 75 percent rule is a rule that was put into place to address students that participate on an out of school team that same time they are a member of their school team and forgo school competition until postseason so they can garner accolades. This rule has nothing to do with a student that transferred from another state back to Philadelphia where they started as a student.”

Ok, a few things.

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