Ridley game broadcast linked error

Posted on September 17, 2016 in Havenfootball.net.

Panther w ball left

By Mike Mayer – Webmaster

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  This past Friday night’s game against Ridley included our usual box graphic with a link.  Unfortunately we used a link which took our readers to the archived Interboro game.  Hundreds of you tried to get to our game without success.  It must have been very frustrating. Our Interboro archive count went through the roof and only about 300 of you managed to find the Ridley game.  We are so sorry!  Not only did many miss listening to our LIVE game broadcast but many of you must have felt that you were doing something wrong. As a group who is constantly working in the Internet world we’ve had our share of “feeling computer incompetent” moments.  The goods news is it wasn’t you…………it was us!  The only other good news is that the game was broadcast and is on archive.  We will also be producing our Play-of-the-Game synopsis this weekend which will give you all the highlights of the game.  As a quick note, while we NEVER expect that to happen again, if it ever does, please go to our Broadcast Game Archive graphic on the right side of the page (right under our sponsors) and click on that.  You will be taken to our complete broadcast schedule which includes past, future and CURRENT games.

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