The 50 Yard Line – Interboro

Posted on August 21, 2017 in

You couldn’t have asked for much better weather that what we had this past Saturday for the 10 AM scrimmage against West Chester East.  You also couldn’t have asked for a much better performance from the Panthers on both sides of the ball.

The Panthers recovered at least three turnovers (two fumbles and an interception) from the Vikings as Haven held them scoreless through the scrimmage.  The Panther offense had a great outing with clean snaps, sharp hand-offs and some pretty strong passing throughout the morning.

Haven’s front line has good size, height and speed.  They are a young team, with only 12 seniors on the squad, the younger classmen are coming off a strong Freshman year and two of this year’s Freshmen will be on the varsity roster.

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