The 50 Yardline – Lower Merion – Week 10

Posted on October 22, 2019 in

By Havenstatguys

One of the reasons we love football is, as in most sports, it can have very unpredictable outcomes.  It doesn’t always come down to simply the one who scores the most points.  Last week Haven rushed for 255 yards (80 in the air) and had an average rushing gain of almost 5 yards per play.  They possessed the ball for 50% of the game and ran a solid 51 offensive plays.  They had one fumble which went out of bounds and no penalties and no turnovers. They scored 21 points.  And lost the game!  A similar effort against every team in the Central League would have translated into a win (except maybe Haverford).  

We know we’re just putting a different spin on a tough one-sided loss but sometimes strong, solid efforts are simply negated by stronger, bigger efforts by better teams. We found out just how good the Garnet Valley Jags are and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming 6A playoffs (they are currently rated as the 6th seed).  We’ll be watching them in their playoff run.

The Panthers are traveling, once again, up to Harriton High School to take on the Lower Merion Aces who are having the most difficult of years.  They are 0-9 and it has not been pretty or close.  The Aces have generally been kept below 14 points on the board, have scored 7 or less points in six games.  Their roster contains only six seniors.  These young men practice just as hard and put in as many hours as every other team.  They go out and do their best.  It takes a special group of people to “keep the faith” and keep working at improving as you keep facing losses.  Our hats are off to these young men for their efforts and perseverance and we really would love to see them win a game……………but not this week!

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