The 50 Yardline – Unionville

Posted on November 8, 2017 in

No doubt it was the most impressive win of the year for the Panthers in their last minute victory over a higher rated, #6 seed Bishop Shanahan but we don’t think that’s what made in the most impressive. Haven struggled mightily in the third quarter and without success. They had seen their lead evaporate and were now on the losing end and were seeing the end of the their season. These young men managed to dig deep and find a way to tie up the score with just over two minutes left in the game and most teams would have been happy to play to the tie and take their chances in overtime. Instead, they drove and pushed and called plays, which only a few minutes ago, weren’t at all successful and turned them into 5 yard gains, 15 yard gains and more as they drove and pushed an obvious winded and confused Shanahan team until they found themselves just a few yards from the goal line with 7 seconds left. It should be said that Emmet Young appears to have ice water in place of where blood is suppose to me. He simply went out and kicked a perfect 23 yard field goal. End of story. Panther victory. No matter how this season ends this will be the story these young men will tell for the rest of their lives!

If being a #11 seed and taking on a #6 seed is a big deal then this week taking on the #3 seed Unionville is a monster deal. They have had a very impressive 10-1 year so far and have taken on some pretty good teams including Great Valley and Academy Park, defeating both. Their only loss was to Downingtown East (10-1).

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