The 50 Yardline – Week 10 – Harriton

Posted on October 24, 2018 in

By Staff

It was the kind of break-out game that we had been hoping for, but as the season wore on, became less and less likely that we would see. The Panthers faced off against a Marple Newtown team with a similar record in what was expected to be a close, well-fought game with Haven being the decided underdog (at least based on the reporters at the Daily Times). After a scary first few minutes of play where the Panthers gave up the ball on the second play and watched the Tigers march down the field and score the boys in black and silver came roaring back and never looked back. A total of 462 yards over 55 plays (average a whopping 8.4 yards per play) Haven scored 8 touchdowns, made two interception and recovered two fumbles, converted 3-for-3 4th downs. Jake Fisher led the team as quarterback, scored three touchdowns (the first one a twisting, head over tail leap into the end zone (Webmaster’s note: Jake, don’t ever do that again!) and was also the team’s lead tacker with 12 tackles (4 unassisted) and how about John Wilson who made the two interceptions in the game and recovered one of the fumbles. It was one of those games we will all remember.

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