The 50 Yardline – Week 8 – Haverford

Posted on October 9, 2018 in


It certainly was a tough loss last Friday. The Panthers looked strong and competent through the first half although defense was having great difficulty stopping Ridley. While the offense continued to push hard, two hand-off fumbles cost them dearly stopping one drive and turning the ball over on the other. But the defense continued to struggle through the game and certainly in the second half when, for the third game in a row, the Haven opponent just kept running the same running back, over and over, and the Panthers never found a way to stop it. It could be a simple matter of fatigue. We have a roster of only 38. Ridley has 68. Radnor has 60 and Upper Darby has 67. When you note that Haven has 10 sophomores on their team that means the amount of athletes available is closer to 28 (sophomores can play varsity but they rarely have the experience, size or speed to be starters).

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