Week 6 PIAA Dist 1 Playoff rankings

Posted on October 3, 2018 in Havenfootball.net.

By Havenfootball.net Staff

Now that we have played six games in our 10 game series we will begin to publish the PIAA District One playoff rankings which change each week.  It is a somewhat complicated formulas where points are awarded for wins and then extra points are earned depending on how many teams your defeated opponents have beaten as well as any team you defeated who is ranked in a higher classification.  For a complete explanation please go to PIAA Playoff Points Explained.

In classification 5A (Haven’s classification) the top 16 teams will make the playoffs. Haven is currently ranked 12th.  The first 8 teams will get home games and the playoff games are seeded so the the #1 team will play #16, #2 will play #15, etc.  Ideally you want to finish in the top 8 (to get a home game) or at least 10th or 11th so that you play a team with a comparable record.

For the rankings for all District One football classification go to PIAA D1 Football Rankings.

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