Junior Varsity

For those unfamiliar with high school football the Junior Varsity squad consists of sophomore and junior players who are not regular starters on the Varsity squad.  By establishing a Junior Varsity game schedule it allows these players to play against opponents of their own size and skill levels.

Watching a Junior Varsity game is a lot of fun.  They usually play on the regular varsity field with a full compliment of referees.  There is no band but the Jr. Varsity  cheerleaders attend each home game.

These young men go out to play hard and work to improve their abilities. If you have the time (games are played on Monday afternoon) we strongly recommend attending (attendance is free).  You’ll probably catch a rising Panther star on the field!

The staff here at the web site can’t attend the games but we will update the scores.  If you attend a game and would like to provide a game synopsis (and maybe even some digital pics) we would be happy to publish them.

(Click to link to Jr. Varsity Schedule)