PIAA fall sports status still anybody’s guess

Posted on May 31, 2020 in Newspaper.


By Mike Drago

We’ve been stumbling around in the dark for months now, looking for some sort of guidance. There’s been little to be found.

We want answers about this coronavirus pandemic and no one at the top seems to have them.

We want to go out and play and are told we can’t.

Frustration is challenging boredom as America’s new pasttime.

Athletes and coaches across the Commonwealth are awaiting word on when they can return to the field, and how, and there are no instructions included with this game.

About 50 athletic directors from across Pennsylvania gathered on Zoom Friday morning hoping to get some direction from PIAA chief operating officer Mark Byers.

“We need help navigating this,” one athletic director said.

They got none.

The PIAA is waiting for answers from state officials, who are waiting on word from health experts, who — painfully, we’ve come to realize — don’t have the answers, either.

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