The 50 Yardline – Upper Merion – PIAA D1-5A playoffs – Week 11

Posted on October 29, 2019 in

By Havenstatguys

The playoffs are here!  This is the time of year we hope for and we look forward to.  Last week the Panthers over-ran a game but badly depleted Lower Merion Aces team winning 56-0.  Haven varsity never gave up the ball and quarterback #4 Jack Ryder got to exercise his arm a few times and, best yet, managed to find his receivers.  

The Upper Merion Vikings will come into George L. King Field this Friday as a #12 seed with a record of 5-5.  They actually run a Wing-T formation but like to throw it more frequently than we do.  They are led by senior quarterback #14 Dale Clayton who prefers the short passes, swings to the flats, slants and hitches but will go deep down the middle if given the opportunity.  The Vikings utilize two good running backs in senior #33 Anthony Swenda (over 1,000 yards) and senior #23 Taiyan Lobban (over 600 yards) who is their big play guy.  Don’t be fooled by UM’s 5-5 record.  They have the talent to do some damage if Haven isn’t playing their best game or allow turnovers.  They can put some points on the board if given the chance.

Haven will have to put it in high gear from this point forward.  Every team they face will be a quality, proven squad.  The nature of football playoffs is lose and go home so there are no “tomorrows”, no “get em next week” if you lose.

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